Mobility made easy. For seniors

Our Street Legal, High Performance, Comfortable and Easy to transport scooter is now available.

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Effortless Commuting

Equipped a powerful brushless motor, reach speeds of up to 30km/hr, say goodbye to sweaty bus rides.  

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Travel in bike lanes around the city.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, never rely on gasoline ever again. 

100% Street Legal

Ride with out needing a license, insurance, or registration. Just hit the throttle. It's that simple.

Key Specifications

-At full power the REGAL can get up to 30 km/h (18.6 m/h)48V-20AH 4 lead acid batteries


-500/800 Watts motor, with a 45-50 km (28-31 m) travel range per charge


-Transmission with 3 speed positions forward (12/22/30 km/h) and a reverse gear


-Heavy-duty front drum brake which allows for 200 kg (440 lbs) load capacity


- Extra large and extra comfortable adjustable cushioned seat with liftable armrest, allowing for a comfortable upright seating position


- Mirrors, front and rear lights, high & low beams, turn signal lights and a horn


Lots of storage space: glove compartment, under the seat compartment and extra large rear basket


Smart charger system: once the scooter is charged, the charger turns itself off preventing any potential damage to the battery

Our Promise to you

  • Since 2005

    Having built scooters for over 15 years, we are Canada's leading distributor. We know scooters and bikes.

  • Lowest Price

    We offer the lowest every prices. That's our guarantee to you!

  • Industry Leading Warranty

    We stand behind our products and offer you an industry leading 6 month warranty on all our products.

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